Loyalty - Introduction

Establishing an emotional connection between your brand and customers is key to creating long-lasting relationships with your customers and turning them into loyal returning customers for your brand. Achieving this is not an easy task.
Marigold Loyalty is your partner in this process, allowing you to reward your loyal customers and have meaningful interactions throughout the different stages of the customer life-cycle.

Note: When you're interested in getting started with Loyalty, please get in touch with your Marigold contact.

With Loyalty, you can manage members, store details and preferences, as well as view the activity history and member’s responses to various types of loyalty content such as offers, challenges, rewards.
Segments allow you to group your members sharing common characteristics, and use that for targeting promotions, offers and more.
Rewards are used in the platform as a way of encouraging your Members to participate in Challenges, Offers, and other aspects of your customer loyalty program. The Loyalty platform supports a range of Reward types, which your Members can earn, typically by redeeming a certain number of points, or by completing specific achievements or goals.
Rules allow you to configure a Loyalty program’s earn, redeem, tier(1) and expiration requirements. This includes a series of base rules that can be topped up with limited-time promotional rules to comply with advanced business requirements. Rules are created to define when members earn points or increase any other metric you use based on specific activities, but they can also be set up to decide when a member moves from one tier(1) to another for example.
Other fundamental capabilities of Loyalty are Campaigns, Challenges and Offers.
Please consult the links above for more detailed info on the specific subjects.

Note: An introduction to Loyalty and the explanation of the Loyalty fundamentals can be found here in video format.

Loyalty is a vast solution that covers many of the challenges involved when managing a loyalty program.

Note: Detailed information on all the available features in Loyalty is available here.


How does Loyalty work with Engage?

A typical Loyalty flow for Engage would be like this :

An example of a Loyalty flow could be :
One day, a regular customer of a store buys some items in the store.
As soon as the customer reaches the checkout to pay for the items, they're recognized as being a Loyalty card member.
The system notices that the customer has already saved 290 Loyalty points (from previous purchases, subscribing to a newsletter, etc), which puts them in a bronze Loyalty tier(1).
This bronze Loyalty tier(1) gives them a 10% discount coupon for the purchase of today.
Even more, the newly purchased items increase their Loyalty points to 320, which now puts them in a silver Loyalty tier(1), unlocking new and better offers for future purchases.

By using Loyalty, customers will be encouraged to make future purchases and further interactions with the brand, leading to better sales, brand awareness and trust.

(1)Note: Many Loyalty clients use membership Tiers as part of their customer loyalty programs. Tiers allow a client to organize Members into a hierarchy based on some distinguishing feature, such as total purchases or points earned. Tiers are often used as a way to incentivize Members to spend in your loyalty program by offering rewards or increased discounts at higher Tiers.

More info on tiers can be found here.

Consult this topic to see in-depth how Loyalty is used within Marigold Engage.


Accessing Loyalty

Loyalty is available as an additional module.

Note: By default, the Loyalty module is not included in Engage. Please get in touch with your Marigold contact when you're interested to start using Loyalty.

To be able to access the Loyalty module, an additional permission is required :

Before you can start using Loyalty with Marigold Engage, the following steps need to be taken :

Once the setup is done at both sides, you can :


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