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Meet Recommendations
Configuring A Product Catalog
Creating Smart Content
This course introduces you to Recommendations, its ability to help you leverage machine learning for your marketing and how it can be incorporated in your campaigns.
This course introduces you to the process of defining and configuring The Product Catalog, which lists the products or content that Recommendations will draw on to create its Smart Content recommendations.
This course teaches you how to create Smart Content by applying filters and custom styling. Then the options for placing Smart Content on a website using Marigold Engage, Site or HTML are explained. Finally, adding Smart Content to an email message in Marigold Engage is demonstrated.
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Lesson 5
Creating Smart Audiences
Creating A Smart Subject
This course teaches you how to create Smart Audiences for use in Marigold Engage. Configuring and designing Audience and Product Catalog filters is discussed, along with analyzing the segment’s size.
Discover how machine learning fuels subject line recommendations using Smart Subject, how Smart Subject entries are created and how to implement them into Marigold Engage messages.


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