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Welcome to Site
What is Site User Interface?
What are the Site Business Considerations?
This course gives a broad overview of Site and introduces the concepts of identified and unidentified visitors, tracking their behavior with the use of Tags and Segments, and finally targeting them with relevant content which Site calls Offers.
This course will explain the Site user interface and introduce you to working with the application.
In a sample discussion between a Site expert and a customer preparing for their deployment of Site, this course will introduce the topics you need to think about when determining what data you need Site to provide for your business.
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Lesson 6
How Site identifies visitors
Prompt Anonymous Visitors to create an Account
Offer a Website Discount
This course takes a deeper look at how Site identifies visitors, and how it handles the data when an unidentified visitor logs in and becomes identified.
This course walks you through the process of setting up an Offer in Site to encourage unidentified visitors to sign up for a newsletter, converting them into identified visitors.
This course will continue looking at Offers and how they can be combined with tracking results to offer a discount to visitors who have been looking at specific products. Our example company will create new Tags to collect information, create Segments to group visitors, and finally an Offer to be shown to certain Segments.
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Lesson 9
Start Tracking with Site
Placements on Your Website
Site Reporting : Visitor Insights
This course explains the concept of Universes in Site and walks through the process of integrating the Site code with your website and configuring it for your needs.
This course discusses the concept of Placements and how to set them up on your website. You can then define which Offers you want to appear in these Placements for the relevant Segments of visitors.
Learn how Visitor Insights allow marketers to garner new information about visitors’ activities, fine tune their reporting segments and create engagement strategies that increase conversions.
Lesson 10
Retargeting Abandoned Carts
This course teaches how to configure an abandoned cart, create a pop-up offer and create the Custom Journey with the associated email retargeting communication in Marigold Engage.