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Use case 3
Social Advertising Platforms
Schedule Data Imports
Manually Import Audience
Add new Marigold Engage contacts to your external Google Customer and Facebook Custom Audience lists.
Lab material:
Social Advertising.pdf
Create recurring imports of data to Marigold Engage.
Manually upload Audience list records from external sources.
Use case 4
Use case 5
Use case 6
Welcome Lifecycle Program & Redirecting Contacts
Loyalty Card Registration
Multi-channel Discount Custom Journey
Create a marketing program to engage newly subscribed contacts and provide specific messaging based of Audience list data. Then connect this Custom Journey to others.
This Custom Journey manages the enrollment of contacts into a loyalty card program. The process includes a multi-page enrollment form that will display known contact data in the appropriate fields. Once the registration form is completed, the contact’s record is updated in the Marigold Engage Audience List, the contact is shown a confirmation page, and sent an email confirmation.
A Custom Journey to provide a discount offer based on the communication channel preference of a contact.
Use case 7
Use case 8
Use case 9
Managing Unsubscribes
Event-driven Custom Journeys
Birthday Custom Journey
Unsubscribe a contact from receiving email messages.
This use case demonstrates how to use the event-driven custom journeys. This journey provides contacts with email confirmation of an in-store RSVP to a customer appreciation party and encourages them to provide additional details about their preferences via a form.
Send annual birthday messages to contacts using a custom journey.
Use case 10
Use case 11
Use case 12
Feedback Survey
Mobile Profile Update
Double Optin Registration
Deliver a survey with multiple form field types to contacts that documents their feedback on a product.
Allow contacts to complete profile information and preferences from a mobile push notification.
Create a Custom Journey that manages a double optin registration. In this journey, records are checked to see if they exist in the Audience List first, then each is processed accordingly.