What's New in Campaign
Release 2020 Nungu

Here's what you can expect as new or enhanced features for this release :


Content Enhancements

Only POST requests now result in a List Unsubscribe

In some cases, users are wrongly unsubscribed because of spam detection tools that hit every link in a message to validate for example the domain. These hits are GET requests and should not lead to an unsubscribe of the user. To avoid this, unsubscribe should only happen when the user clicks the Unsubscribe link and POSTS the result.

Only when the Unsubscribe link is used in a journey where a custom optout is included, the GET request will result in an unsubscribe for the user.

Example: In a Custom Journey the Unsubscribe link in the email links to a Page Component that allows to confirm the unsubscribe. In this case, the GET request will result in an unsubscribe.


Data Management

Google Customer Match through additional fields

Previously, it was possible to match a Selligent user with the Google Custom audience by using the email address of the user. To increase matching rates, you can now also use other contact info such as phone number and address and combine these fields to find the matching record.



  • Deduplication Priority field on Extended profile is now handled correctly during cadence calculation
  • Saving segments now works correctly
  • The Email on Acid analysis file downloaded from Campaign can now be opened
  • Page with contenttype application/json is no longer rendered as html (html encoding unsafe inputs)
  • Campaign sync no longer gets stuck in infinite loop
  • Linktrackers no longer load slowly due to performing 1 extra query per tracker being loaded
  • All failures are now reported to the user via the API