What's New in Campaign
Release 2020 Papaya

Here's what you can expect as new or enhanced features for this release :



  • In some tracker setups, parameter values were wrongly encoded. This is no longer the case.
  • CTriggerDef:Load now populates its errorStr
  • In the exceptional case where 2 different audience filters are linked to the same email, followed by a bulk event and another email, there will be no validation errors.
  • [RestApi] Retrieving Site profiles no longer fails when userlist contains a scope that has the same id
  • MTA restarts right after sending a message no longer resends the message a second time
  • Triggered campaigns with multi-send interfaces only targeted the contact once. This was not okay and now correctly targets the contacts
  • Site Offer component is working correctly in Campaign
  • smc resourcehandler links are now resolved correctly for campaigns with a content renderer
  • Previously the wrong actionlist record was selected for conditional maildomain resolution. This has now been rectified.
  • Validation now blocks using multiple custom events as start components