What's New in Campaign
Release 2020 Quince

Here's what you can expect as new or enhanced features for this release :




  • CAMPAIGNS.CMP_LAUNCH_DT is now converted correctly to the journey's timezone, when using it to calculate if a journey may execute already
  • Clashplan query was missing scope MASTER. for unique contact definition. This has now been resolved and the scopes have now been added
  • PROBEID is now correctly translated in URLENCODE function used in a message
  • When sending out transactional messages user-related data was sometimes cleared. This has been corrected and all data is now correctly updated.
  • When you add an extra action after another action in a BPM journey, using for example a Not Viewed event in a BPM journey, the calculation for this second Action failed. This has been solved.
  • URLDECODE was unable to handle Cyrillic characters. This is no longer an issue and the result is now as it should
  • Performing a transactional request where many emails are sent to many non -existing users no longer causes the request to fail.
  • Email addresses with leading/trailing spaces in request data or the userlist no longer causes duplicates or failures
  • When using N:1 data in conditional maildomains only one parent record receives an email successfully. This is incorrect and has been rectified.
  • When a journey subscribed to a custom event is paused or stopped, it no longer receives events
  • When creating an audience list in Selligent Marketing Cloud you can not map on an existing engagement table.
  • A tag list created in Selligent Marketing Cloud can not be edited in the fat Campaign client.