New features 2021 January

  • Reporting now renders campaign drawings.
  • Scope name is now correctly returned when selecting a value from an extended profile in the advanced scheduling from a mail component
  • A more comprehensive message is returned when saving interface after changing field to an other datatype
  • The characters ™ and â„¢ no longer prevent actionlist json content data to be loaded by optiext when both are present in the json.
  • [Mobile expiration date] - Default value for expiration date is now correctly set to 2 months
  • Journey no longer triggers its Input Component recursively when using an HTTP Component
  • Structured input error message is now visible during save
  • Segments from a deleted list are no longer findable through the search function
  • The invalid channel Endpoint ID error is no longer shown in the in CAMPAIGN_EXECLOG for interface component
  • When trying to use ARTICLE_PROPERTY in a conditional constraint, it will no longer crash.
  • Task overview screen now correctly sorting on last_executed
  • MTA Rollback now works as expected if SMTP returned garbage (logged to histlog)
  • Express: conditional constraints were not always interpreted correctly due to opticonstraint changes. This has been sorted out and constraints are now correctly processed.