New features in Campaign

July 2021


  • It is no longer possible to delete a SP that was created in SMC.
  • Option List values are now correctly translated in tracker URL.
  • When creating an action record using a Data Component, this data is added to the MASTER scope as well overriding any field with the same name. This is not wanted behavior and has been solved!
  • Optiext no longer crashes when using HTML_ENCODE inside URLENCODE.
  • The name attribute was sometimes incorrectly added to the XML of a task causing failures. This has been resolved.
  • Connectors – XML timezone nodes were storing the name instead of the ID. This is now corrected and the ID is stored instead.
  • Content – Plain/text page is now rendered correctly in UTF-8.
  • Heatmaps – IDs are now correctly extracted when the email domain is not the same as the mail agent one.