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Universe Settings | Corrections

Universe Settings

Disabling of Universe settings

To protect against issues with profile identification, certain settings in the Universe configuration panel have been disabled and can no longer be changed once they are configured. This is the case for the Custom Identifier field and also the Audience list.

Export options

The maximum number of exports is now by default set to 10 for all universes

  • The '>' selector is no longer being wrongfully translated when using a CSS offer.
  • Password reset is now working as expected after making changes to the forgot password security.
  • Showing data for A/B versions in Offers reporting now works as expected. Previously the values weren't showing.
  • A third-party cookie should be returned when a non-JQuery script is used in a tracked website. This was not the case but has been resolved.
  • Third party domains are now added for SMC integrations.
  • Using Offer 1 within Offer 2 and the other way around, this no longer results in an endless loop error.
  • Gauge value calculation is now correct when using type 'LastMonth'
  • ‘From’ XPath only retrieved the inner value of an XPath. Now it retrieves attribute values for a tag