New features in Site

June 2021
Target Visitors Who are NOT on a specific Page Exit Intent and Inactivity Tracking Site user rights in SMC Corrections

Target Visitors Who are NOT on a specific Page

As a marketer, targeting visitors that are NOT on a certain page of your website can be advantageous. For example if your website has a daily promotions page, you may want to draw visitors who have not viewed the page to do so and view these limited time promotions.

To accommodate this need, a new constraint to target visitors who are not viewing a certain URL has been added to the Constraint editor. The constraint ‘URL does not contain’ allows you to create these audiences.

This new constraint is available in the constraint editor in segments, offers and exports.


Exit Intent and Inactivity Tracking

Marketers are often looking for new ways to retain visitors to their website. The Vanilla release introduces the ability to identify visitors who have been inactive or have shown an intent to exit. The save these potentially lost visitors, a popin offer (or any other placement) can be configured targeting this specific group. This popin can offer exclusive discounts, free delivery offers, or other high value promotions in an attempt to “save the visit.”

To support this new feature, new settings can be defined at universe level: one that sets the time period after which a website visitor is perceived as inactive ( default 30 sec), and one that sets the minimum time before any exit offer can be triggered (default 10 sec ).

Example: Inactivity is detected after 30 seconds and intent of exit after 10 seconds.

The inactivity and intent to exit settings allow you then to create offers that target these specific audiences by creating a constraint in the WHO section when creating a new offer:


Site user rights in SMC

As a first step in the integration of Site into SMC, the configuration of the user rights has been moved to SMC. The Permissions section in the Admin Configuration now also contains an entry for Site.

A matrix allows defining detailed rights for the different entities within the Site tool: Segments, Offers, Tags, Configuration (to define placements), Exports, Carts. Marketers with access to these sections have the right to Create, Update, Delete, Clear tag values (to allow clearing previously collected tag values) and Queue (to export manually).

All users that can access segments or offers can also create labels for segments/offers

Important notes:

  • The Site User rights, Create, Update and Delete have been replaced by the more generic SMC 'Access' right to be in line with the SMC rights management.
  • When this feature is released, User rights will still be configurable in the Site module via the Configuration chapter. Only when User rights are updated for a specific user in SMC, the rights will disappear in Site for this specific user.
  • In Site, the ‘Edit my profile’ menu next to the user name (in the top bar) is no longer available when the user opens Site from SMC. Profile info can then be updated from the ‘Account details’ in SMC


  • When a tag is created from xpath, the empty tag value is no longer pushed when xpath isn't present in the page
  • When a datetime is synced between Campaign and Site, the timezone was not handled correctly, resulting in an invalid value. That has now been fixed
  • Session segments can again be used as export audience when doing an export.