New features in Site

October 2021
DSR Optouts taken into Account in Site Support of Web Smart Content in Consentless Targeting Use Case Corrections

DSR Optouts taken into Account in Site

When a contact has been opted out using the DSR tool, the Optout field in SMC gets a specific value (20180525). During the nightly sync between SMC and Site, this Optout field will automatically be synced together with all other exposed fields.

When the Optout value is filled in, and the visitor identifies themselves on the website, the Do Not Track value will be set to true automatically and no profile data will be tracked. A cookie ‘sbt_dnt’ is placed to avoid any future tracking.

Support of Web Smart Content in Consentless Targeting Use Case

In the context of the Consentless Targeting feature (to also target also visitors that did not give their consent to be tracked), Website Smart Content is now also supported (the Cortex Smart Content feature needs to be enabled). The marketer can use Statistics-based Smart Content algorithms in an Offer for a consentless audience : trending, popular, unpopular, performance, random, per slot and related Smart Content.

In case a website Smart Content is configured with a personalized a Smart Content algorithm as an action in an Offer, the user can set a statistics-based fallback algorithm for the consentless visitor . If no fallback is configured, the Smart Content will not be shown to these visitors.



  • The comboboxes to select a domain to preview the placements or an offer/actions adds now correctly the https:// prefix
  • Site deeplinks to the Online Help are fixed, so the correct topic is shown related to SMC or Campaign
  • Non-jQuery script now handles click event globally