New features in SMC

August 2022
Version 5.23


  • The right maildomain is now used when sending an email with conditional headers and different delivery groups
  • Aggregated data now returns correct result using the date instead of the hour in query
  • When validating an email, invalid DTS is now correctly detected
  • Invalid article fields are correctly translated to Cpg when used in the email source and no longer triggers errors on sending
  • ItemValue does now works in Redirect to journey even if its associated datasource is not used in the mail body
  • When duplicating a task, the scheduled hour is now duplicated correctly
  • Custom event resolver journeys were incorrectly visible in Flyout menu. This is no longer the case and these are hidden
  • Values of variables defined on message level, and used in a Content Block should be visible in the email. Previously these values were not visible which was incorrect behavior
  • Import html with __MACOSX folder no longer fails
  • CreateAssetFolderLink call executed when saving a journey even though you didn't go to the properties tab