New features in SMC

September 2022
Version 5.24

Android SDK Update

The Android SDK now supports version 13 of Android . (More details on Android 13 here.)

This new version of Android introduces a permission for the notifications. That permission must be asked at the right time according to the workflow of the app. Some helper functions were added to facilitate the management of that permission. All the documentation is on github:


  • When creating a new Web Custom Component from where the (type text) parameters (input fields) contain only numbers (or/and special characters), the data is now stored correctly with single quotes on the CPG Campaign xml.
  • FileStorage permission is no longer available when feature toggle is disabled
  • When activating Custom Events with no journeys linked, a proper error message is given explaining why the Custom Events cannot be activated.
  • When you want to enable folder rights inside the permission group configuration, the wrong permissionset was taken to enable the folder rights on. This has been resolved
  • Adding a var with options to a in-use Content Block does now load the options correctly in the message
  • An unexpected behavior occurred when trying to create a Single Batch Journey from a template with itemValue(). Now you again create a SBJ from such a template
  • Errors were raised when synchronizing an Audience List with the Reporting Agent. This is no longer the case now.
  • When syncing Audience Lists with the Reporting agent, the length of the email is now based on the length of the field in the Audience List, and no longer fixed to 100