New features in SMC

September 2022
Version 5.25

Additional Attributes for Template Variables

Upon creation of template variables, you can now define additional attributes for the following types of variables:

  • Text - The maximum length of the text variable can now be set. The option values and default value cannot be longer than the maximum length.
  • Date/DateTime/Time - A date/time range can be defined in which the selected date/time value is required to fall.


Component ID in Validation messages

To simplify the creation and testing of journeys, validation messages now also include the ID of the component that generates the validation error or warning. This is in addition to the mechanism where marketers could already click the validation message to highlight the corresponding component.


Alias for Content Block

Previously, when creating a Content Block in the Library chapter, the name assigned to the Content Block was restricted to alphanumeric characters, underscores and dashes. No spaces or special characters were allowed.

Now, you can provide any value for the Content Block Name field without restrictions. This name is used in the Content Blocks overview, for search and when the Content Block is used in a message.

In addition, there is now also an ID field. Upon creation of the Content Block the ID field is automatically filled with the value entered in the Name field. When editing an existing Content Block, the ID field is read-only.

What happens to existing Content Blocks?

The old Name field is renamed to ID with all the restrictions that came with that field, and a new Name field is added. For existing Content Blocks, the new mandatory Name field defaults to the ID.

Custom Events Enhancements

Pausing and re-activating instant Custom Events is standard functionality, available from the Custom Events overview in an Audience List:

However, re-activating Custom Events can now only be done when certain conditions are met: At least 1 Journey is using the Custom Event AND the Journey is active.

Previously, there were some inconsistencies, allowing Custom Events to be re-activated even if the attached journey was not active, but blocking re-activation when no journey was linked.


  • An unexpected behavior occurred when trying to create a Single Batch Journey from a template with itemValue(). Now you can again create a Single Batch Journey from such a template
  • [Mobile][SDK][Android]Notifications are now correctly displayed when specifying a different channel id
  • Lists - Data tab: custom filter value no longer automatically changes OnBlur for Long/BigInt value
  • Content - global variables can no longer be deleted from a message when they are in use by a Content Block.
  • No error is shown anymore for HTML4.01 transitional doctypes
  • Readonly Files permission no longer prevents the user to select an image in an email