New features in SMC

October 2022
Version 5.26

New SMC Expressions

To close the gap with all available Campaign expressions, a series of new expressions have been added for SMC. Below you find an overview of the Campaign expression and the equivalent in SMC.

Campaign SMC
~(CONVERTPHONENUMBER('0477 112345',32,11))~

[% convertPhoneNumber( string phone_nr, integer country_dial_prefix, int maxshortcodelength) %]

~(STRIPHTML('<p>hello <strong>World</strong><p><p>This is an example</p>'))~

[% stripHtml(string html) %]


[% generatePassword(int length) %]

~(MATCHCOUNT('a,b,c,d,e', 'b,d,e,f,g'))~

[% matchCount( string multiValue1, string multiValue2) %]
~(PROPCOUNT('a,b,c,d,e'))~ [% propCount('a,b,c,d,e') %]
~(GETPROP('Barcelona; Brussels; New York',3,';'))~ [% getProp('a;b;c;d', 3, ';') %]

[% average(1,2,3,4,5) %]

Data Explorer Available for US-Based Environments

Previously, the Data Explorer was not available for US-based installations due to technical issues. This has now been resolved and the Data Explorer is now publicly available to everyone.

Default From and To Alias

When creating an email message, certain fields in the email header are automatically filled out based on the default mail domain set for the organization. Up till now, the alias fields were not filled out .

Now, In the Admin Configuration you can define a default alias for the From and To addresses. You can use expressions here, but aliases can not be longer than 255 characters. Note that there are no validations in place when using list fields in expressions, as the Admin Configuration doesn't have the list context.

When set, this information will automatically be filled out in the email for the corresponding mail domain.


  • When trying to send a test mail from content which contains empty areas, an error is displayed and the email is not being sent. The validation did not signal this issue. This is now resolved.
  • When you want to do a lookup on an email address in a Lookup Component, the SQL is now generated correctly, returning the expected email address.
  • Trying to publish an insanely large email now shows a clear error message on the SMC screen, and it can also be traced back in the SMC log files.
  • Multiple Content Block regression issues have been fixed.
  • Incorrect (corrupt) mail clients no longer appear in the database