New features in SMC

October 2022
Version 5.28

Email Quick Start Permissions

Email Quick Starts were released in Version 5.27, and are activated on request. In this release, permissions are added to manage what a user can do with these Quick Starts.

Read-only rights allow the user to view and use the Quick Starts to create new messages from.

Note that to be able to use the Quick Starts, the user also needs Access rights for Email content.

Access rights provide the user with the ability to save existing email messages as Quick Starts and edit, validate, and save changes to them.

Again, the user will need in addition Access rights for Email content as well.

Publish rights control the publishing and deletion of Quick Starts. The same rule applies here that the user will also need Publish rights for Email content.

In addition, Quick Starts are now also marked with a blue icon in the fly-out menu (under Starred, Folders and Most recent) as well as on the Home page. The blue icon distinguishes Quick Starts from other types.



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