New features in SMC

December 2022
Version 5.31


Quick Start Enhancements

Several small changes were made to improve further on the user experience:

  • Quick Starts are now by default activated for everyone.
  • When no preview is available for a Quick Start email, a clear indication is given stating ‘No preview available’:
  • Filter on Quick Start in the Content overview and fly-out is now also possible. This filter allows to narrow down the type of asset displayed on the overview page



Updated versions of all Live content video material is now available in our Learning section. (8 videos in total).

In addition, some of the existing Cortex videos were outdated and have now been aligned with the current Cortex application. These include:

  • [How To] Cortex: Place Smart Content
  • [How To] Multiple Product Catalogs in Cortex
  • [Feature] Cortex: Smart Content with Random Recommendations
  • [Feature] Cortex: Smart Content Filters