New features in Marigold Engage
January 24, 2024
Version 5.60


Expressions now Supported in the Output of Export Tasks

Expressions are supported in certain areas of the Export task but not everywhere. They are for example supported when defining the file name created by the Export task.This was however missing in the SUBFOLDER definition of the destination defined for an Export task

Expressions for SUBFOLDERS are now supported in the same way as they are for the file name definition in an Export task.

What it looks like in Engage:

Because expressions are now supported when defining the output subfolder for an export task, the following expression can be used to retrieve a parameter that has been defined in the stored procedure used as the data source for the export task.

Let’s start with the Stored procedure which looks as follows:

In this Stored procedure, the parameter MYSUBFOLDER has been set to ‘testmedium’, which is a predefined subfolder on the target server.
This Stored procedure is then added as the datasource for the Export task:

Last, on the Destination tab of the Export task, the following expression is used to retrieve this parameter:


  • Mail assets using journey data are now visible in asset selector when creating a Journey
  • Jobagent - JSON dataloader that handles reject files now adds date to the filename
  • Custom event filter missing on CE consumption when using SMS or mobile channel endpoint. This resulted in already processed custom events triggering messages after mobile numbers were entered for contacts who didn’t have a mobile number before. This has now been resolved
  • New asset selector does now block transactional messages that are already linked to a transactional journey
  • Improvement on lookup + insert/update on /DATA endpoint