New features in SMC
March 2023
Version 5.37


Allow emails with Different Language Settings in Custom Journeys

Previously, you could not create a Custom Journey containing messages with different language settings. Validation errors were returned, blocking the saving of the Custom Journey.

As of this release, you are able to create Custom Journeys with messages in different languages and you no longer need to create each message in all the languages required for your journey.


Sorting of Items in the Item Selector in a Repeater

When a marketer uses a template with a Repeater in which the marketer can manually enter existing items, a Item selection dialog is displayed, listing the items in the data selection, corresponding to the criteria defined in the data selection (filter, matching, etc).

Previously, these items were by default listed based on the sorting field defined in the data selection. Now, the marketer can sort the items ascending or descending by double-clicking a column header.


Duplicating of Items in the Item Selector in a Repeater

Upon manually adding items by the marketer to a Repeater, an item selector is displayed from which the marketer can select one or more items to add to the message Repeater.

There’s now a Duplicate button in the selector, allowing the marketer to create a copy of an existing item. This duplicate item can be edited and is stored in the Data Selection List.


Two Factor Authentication Supported for Adobe Commerce Connector

The Magento connector, previously available for SMC and Campaign, has been replaced with the Adobe Commerce connector. Functionality for the Adobe Commerce connector is the same as for Magento and all corresponding documentation can be consulted in the online help.

In addition, Two Factor authentication is now supported for the Adobe Commerce plugin.

More information on the 2FA for Adobe Commerce can be found here.

Note: For all current Magento users, existing Magento connectors will be supported till the end of June 2023.



  • Users are now able to configure articles when there are multiple Repeaters with layouts and the same Data Selection List
  • Background images are now correctly shown, when using the resource() function inside the CSS url() function to style a background
  • The Stores-configs table is now synchronized (for the Adobe Commerce connector)
  • When using numbers greater than 100 in a Content Block inside a SBJ placeholder (from a template), no more errors are shown
  • You can now double-click to select a picture in the Library
  • a-tags inside comments are now turned into links during an HTML import
  • The error message "Function 'eventValue' is not implemented" is no longer thrown when publishing a message with conditional mail headers and custom events
  • Incorrect behavior for the Journeys API has now been resolved, so that if the /singlebatch/message/POST API call results in a "RetrieveAudienceFails" error, the journey can no longer be scheduled without the provided segment
  • Creating static segments with a date range in Dashboards, no longer fail
  • When creating a new mail domain in SMC, the correct domain value is now used to generate the DKIM_DOMAIN on Campaign side (mta mail domains)
  • Login no longer fails for user 'x' when loading an AB journey report
  • Routing issue for all journey types has been resolved
  • CAMPAIGN NEXTRUN_DT now calculated correctly for tasks which are scheduled to run on multiple days each month