New features in SMC
July 26, 2023
Version 5.47


Selligent SDS - OR operators now supported in dashboard and chart filters

Upon creating a dashboard in Selligent Data Studio, you now have the ability to also use the OR operator when defining a filter. This is possible for filters defined on dashboard level as well as on chart level and can be used in any Custom dashboard. Also, this option is available for both SDS and SDS Pro users.

Define a filter on dashboard level by clicking the ‘Edit filter’ button on the right:

The Filter dialog is displayed in which one or more filters can be added.

In this example, the OR operator is used between two filters. Previously, it was only possible to have AND operators for filters.

Note: When creating a static segment from a dashboard with OR filters applied on dashboard level, this is only possible for dashboards using datasets other than the ones provided by Selligent. However, if the dashboard contains OR filters on chart level, it is always possible to create the static segment, regardless of the dataset used. The user is warned when no static segment can be created because of this limitation:


Update on Twitter Connector

In release 5.43 we announced the temporary deactivation of the Twitter Tailored Audience Integration.

In this release 5.47, we are happy to announce that this connector is back online.



  • When renaming a Data Selection, its configured filter constraints are loaded correctly