Data Syncs Start page

The Data Syncs Start page is where all data synchronizations from/to configured Data source systems can be created, accessed and edited.

Data syncs are stored in folders and follow the same folder structure and management as for the other chapters. (More details on folder management can be found here.)

For each synchronization visible on the Start page, you can see

  • Data source table name
  • Type
  • Direction of the sync, indicated by an icon
    • Engage list to Data source table
    • Both ways
    • Data source table to Engage list
  • Engage list name
  • Last sync indication and date and time
    • gray bullet = idle
    • red bullet = failed
    • green bullet = succeeded
  • Next sync date and time
  • Last modified date and time
  • Labels

A search can be performed by entering all or part of the Data source table or Engage list name in the Search field. Search can also be done on the Labels. The search is performed either in the list of all data synchronizations or on the filtered data synchronizations.

Data source synchronizations can be filtered by Connector type using the buttons in the top bar. Simply click a button to toggle it on or off in the result list.

Note: The selected filters will be maintained when navigating the different chapters. This means that when returning to the Start page, the previous selected filters will still be there.

The Start page is refreshed automatically every 20 seconds.
This can be seen in a countdown timer at the bottom left of the Start page:

  • 'Refresh in progress...' is shown during the refresh process (when the timer reaches 0 for auto-refresh or when the refresh icon is clicked)
  • Auto-refresh can be disabled using the slider
  • A manual refresh can be triggered by clicking on the refresh icon


From the Start page, the following operations can be performed on data synchronizations:

  • Edit — To open the data sync setup settings
  • Disable or Enable — Depending on your choice, the sync is enabled or disabled

A sync can only be enabled if it is scheduled (in the sync setup wizard)

  • Execute once now — To manually trigger a sync of the data
  • Reset sync — To resynchronize all data between the Data source table and Engage list. When clicked, a warning message pops up to make the user confirm that they really want to reset the sync.

'Execute once now' will sync new and updated data (compared to the last time a sync was triggered).
'Reset sync' will sync all data (= overwrite).

  • Delete — To delete the data sync

To create a new data sync, click the New button in the toolbar.
This will lead to the sync setup wizard.