User Guide : Social Platform Integration

Cross channel experiences are crucial in today's marketing campaigns. Each person is unique and has their own preferences, whether it is engaging via email, SMS, mobile or a social platform. As a marketer you want to reach your entire audience, regardless of the channel used. Integrating with social platforms allows marketers to also engage with their audience through ads on social platforms.

You can choose to add your entire audience to the social platform audience or only a select group of contacts that comply with certain criteria. Contacts can be added or removed easily from these social platform audiences as a result of a specific interaction (e.g. a click in an email) or lack of interaction.

* Add Engage contacts who are not engaging to promotional emails to the Snapchat audience.
* Remove contacts from the Meta audience when they have purchased an item in the last month.

Currently the following social platform integrations are supported for ads :


To use the social platform integration, the following steps in Engage are required:

1. Contact Marigold to activate this feature and set up the correct plugins, depending on the social platform you wish to use.

2. Create a Social channel endpoint per platform. This task is performed by the system administrator. More information on how to do this is available in the following topic: Global - Channel Endpoints : Social.

3. Link the social endpoint to your Organization.

3. Create a Custom Journey with the necessary logic (Audience filter, interaction events, lookup,...) defining when and who needs to be added to the social audience. This step is executed by the marketer.

4. Add the Social components to your Custom Journey. This step is done by the marketer who wishes to enrich the social audience with contacts from Engage. More information on each of these components can be found in the following topics:


For a full detailed overview of all steps required within the Social platforms, please consult the following topics:

* Meta Custom Audience Integration setup and configuration: a comprehensive guide explaining the creation of Meta Business Manager accounts, Meta apps, Meta Ads account, Access tokens and Meta audiences. This guide also includes the steps to perform in Engage.
* Meta Troubleshooting (Admins only)
* Tech Provider Access Verification (Admins only)

Google Customer Match:
* Google Customer Match integration setup and configuration explaining all the steps in Engage as well as on the social platform including the creation of a Manager account, a Client User Account, credentials, refresh tokens, and more.
* Google Customer Match: documentation example


* Setting up the Snapchat Audience integration: A comprehensive guide explaining the setup on the Snapchat side and the configuration and use in Engage
*Snapchat script to generate the refresh token

'X' (formerly Twitter)
* Setting up the 'X' (formerly Twitter) audience integration: A comprehensive guide explaining the set up and use of the Twitter Tailored Audience Integration.