Abandoned Cart Event Component

The Abandoned Cart Event Component is an entry point to a Abandoned Cart Journey, that is automatically exposed to Site and contains a scope and parameters.


Set a name for the component. This will be visible from the Design canvas.

A comment is displayed saying that the anonymous link will be made available after the journey has been published.
The anonymous link can be used to send anonymous contacts to the journey. (For example, anonymous contacts can be redirected from a website to this journey.)

Note: You can double click this link to access the journey directly. This will also allow you to test the different steps in the journey.
If you add the following code to the URL of the anonymous link, the pages will be displayed in the language of your choice:
where code is the language code.

Scope — This is required. This way, the expression '[%eventValue('SCOPE.PARAMETER')%]' can be used throughout the journey to call the parameters.
Supported locations for this expression are content (emails, pages, mobile messages) and data components.

When the Abandoned Cart Event Component is selected, the parameters correspond to an Abandoned/Checkout Cart Journey.

  • CART — Contains the public name of the cart that made the call.

  • PRODUCTSThe list of products in the cart.

  • Copy
    The structure of the parameter is as follows :

Additional custom parameters can be added (e.g. QUANTITY).

Enter the parameter name and tick the Required check box if the parameter value is mandatory. Use the + button to add additional parameters.

Note: The information returned by Site can be used to personalize the data in a message. It can be used for example to personalize the subject line or the repeater. A function cartValue() is available from the Personalization Dialog to retrieve this information and personalize message content, combining information from the Data Selection List with data sent from Site.

Example: We have an Abandoned Cart Journey with scope 'ABANDONED'. Site returns 2 parameters.

The Products parameter contains the list of abandoned items with their price and quantity.

Example of the Site payload:

We then create a message that contains a repeater using the following data selection configuration: items are filtered using a data selection lookup which only returns items from the Data Selection List that have an ID that corresponds to the IDs returned by Site. Setting the data selection to be used as a lookup is a mandatory step when Site cart data is to be used.

'ABANDONED' is the scope name set in the Abandoned Cart Journey. 'PRODUCTS' is the parameter that contains the list of items.
When this data selection is used in a repeater and personalization fields are added to the repeater, a function cartValue() is available that allows using the value returned by Site. If no value is available, the value from the Data Selection List is taken:

Note: When using the cartValue expression in a message, the preview of the message cannot display the cart data but will instead show the data from the data selection.

To use Site data in personalization the following conditions must be fulfilled:
* A scope must be defined in the Abandon Cart Event Component.
* The data selection used in the message is configured to be used as a lookup.