SMS Interface

When the SMS text message configuration page is displayed, there is a toolbar at the top and a design window below.


If the content is locked by another user, the toolbar allows toggling to the Edit mode. Unlock the content to be able to edit it.

Once the toolbar is unlocked you have access to the different features.

Note: When the content is locked because you are currently working in it, you can unlock it for other users by selecting the option 'Allow others to edit' from the Actions drop-down:

The 'Save', 'Validate',  'Publish' buttons are only available in Edit mode. The SMS message can be saved at any time during the design. Validation checks the SMS for missing information and Publish makes the SMS text message available for use in Engage journeys.  

The Publication history option in the actions drop-down provides a historical overview of when the SMS was published, including the user who performed the publish action. You can filter the list by providing a start and end date.

Note: When Approval Management is active, the Publish button is replaced with a Request approval button. When an approval request is sent and the content is approved, it is automatically published.

Note: When read-only is active for SMS, the actions buttons will not be displayed and a message is displayed that the content is in read-only mode.

When the SMS content has been saved, validated and published, an additional button is available from the toolbar to create a Single Batch Journey from this content.


If an SMS message is being edited from within a journey, an additional To journey button is available to return to the Journey design canvas. To edit an SMS message from within a Custom Journey, right-click the SMS message and select Edit selected SMS.

The navigation buttons displayed to the left let you create the message, edit the SMS message, and test it.

  • Properties— Click to toggle to the SMS properties panel. The Design panel is hidden and the properties are displayed in overlay.
  • Design— In Design mode you can add content and personalization fields.
  • Preview and Test— Test mode allows to send a test SMS text and preview the result.

Language— Allows selection of one or more different language versions you want to create of the SMS message. The list of languages available to choose from depends on the languages selected in the SMS Properties. The language of the current user is displayed by default.

Note that this field is only available when more than one languages have been selected in the SMS properties.


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