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This video section provides a collection of all available feature videos in the Online Help, to showcase specific functionality.


Marigold Engage — Content

Create a Styled Navigation Bar Using Template Variables Create Subscription Form
Include Random Recommendations in Messages Translations Using Dictionaries SMS Inbound STOP Requests
Use Multiple Layouts for Articles Use the Video Component Use Approval Management
Content Versioning Through Publication History Create MMS Messages QR Codes in Messages
Use AI for Content Creation URL Shortening Email Archiving
Use Attachments Test With Real Contact Data  


Marigold Engage — Journeys

Deduplication Recurring Batch Journey with Complex Constraints Redirect Custom Journey with Parameters
Using Waves in Journeys Wait Component  


Marigold Engage — Lists and more

Creating Constraints with Nested 1:N Data Using Flyout Menus Use Folders in the Lists section
Use Option List values for Audience fields Use SP Custom Component in Journey Data Selections and Lookups : Terminology
Lookup Data Selections Using Data Selections with Repeaters Sharing Lists between Organizations
Use Asset Labels Schedule Refresh For Static Segments Use Special Field Types in Lists


Live Content (images)

Note: Live Content images allow you to customize your message content through the Image Component.

Add Live Content widget Forecast Weather widget Using the Countdown Timer
Using Dynamic Images Embed Current Weather Information Using Personalized Images
Show Part of your Website in Emails Using Live 'X' (formerly Twitter) Feed  

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Liveclicker Component

Note: Liveclicker allows integrating a Liveclicker campaign into your message through a dedicated Liveclicker Component.

Add Liveclicker to a Message Liveclicker Basics Creating Targeting Rule Sets
Creating LiveTimers Creating LiveScrapes Creating LiveMaps
Creating LivePolls Creating LiveForecasts Creating LiveCalendars
Creating LiveImages Personalizing LiveImages Creating LiveSlides
Creating LiveVideos Creating LiveReveals Creating Simple A/B Tests
Creating Targeting Rule Set A/B Tests    

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