Example: A basic template, step by step — Importing HTML

In this example, we are going to create an email template by importing and tweaking an existing HTML file (and images) in the Wysiwyg Editor in Marigold Engage, to announce our Spring sales. This basic email template will have fixed content : a generic header and footer, and some body content.

The steps to be followed are the following :

  1. Import file
  2. Personalize content
  3. Add email header
  4. Extract text version
  5. Test/preview the email template

The template is ready now.

The email template can be tweaked further with extended features like the following :
- Conditional email headers
- Visibility constraints
- Content Blocks
- Email components like Videos, Live Content, Bar and QR codes, etc.

  1. Finally, we are going to create a basic journey to send out the email template, selecting only the contacts living in the US or Belgium.