A text editor allows you to define the content of the Text Component and apply styling to it. The text editor is displayed within the Design panel. Text can contain the following elements:

In the toolbar, a dedicated icon is available to generate text using AI. Click it to display a Marigold AI panel in the right where you can enter some keywords or a question and generate an AI created text:

Note: If you select the existing text in your message first and then click the AI icon, the selected text is used as the question in your dialog and the AI generated text will overwrite the selected text in your message if you agree to use it.
Additional options are available to make the selected text shorter, check the spelling, change the tone or completely rewrite the text.

Note: The text is generated by default in English, unless specific instructions are given in the AI dialog. After generating the text, you can also ask to get it translated by adding for example 'in French' in the chat.
You can also use the instructions at the bottom to make the text shorter.

The generated text is adapted to the type of content you are creating, in this case a page. If you are happy with the generated text, click Insert to Text block. The AI text is now added to your Text Component where you can make changes if needed.

Standard styling options are available, such as alignment, font, font size (manual values can be added as well), font color, lists, indent, headings, etc.

Moreover, the Source button in the toolbar of the Text component editor allows you to enter content in source mode:


Copy Text Component content to other languages

By default, when adding new Content Components to a message, only the structure of the component is copied automatically to other languages. However, using the function copy content to other languages, you can now copy the component with its content to one or more languages.

This option is available once the component is placed onto the message and multiple languages have been defined for the message.

Click the button Copy content to other languages in the component properties.

A dialog is displayed in which the target languages can be selected.